Ansar Shaikh (AIR – 361) UPSC Interview in Hindi

वयाच्या अवघ्या २१ व्या वर्षी जिल्हाधिकारी बनणाऱ्या अन्सार शेख यांची अनोखी यशोगाथा येथे सादर केली आहे. केंद्रीय लोकसेवा आयोगाच्या २०१५ सालच्या परीक्षेत भारतातून ३६१ वा क्रमांक पटकावणाऱ्या एका रिक्षाचालकाच्या मुलाने त्याच्या जीवनाशी संघर्ष करून हे यश प्राप्त केले. घरी अठरा विश्व दारिद्र्य असतना देखील या तरुणाने हार न मानता परिस्तिथी सोबत झगडून उत्तुंग यश संपादन केले. नुकतेच, अन्सार शेख यांनी त्यांच्या मुलाखती बद्दल माहिती दिली. त्यांची संपूर्ण मुलाखत येथे उपलब्ध आहे.

Ansar Shaikh (AIR – 361) UPSC Interview in Hindi

ME : may I come in sir?

CP : yes yes plz come in young man

Me : good afternoon sir, good afternoon madam, good afternoon to all you sirs.

CP : Shaikh, plz take your seat.

Me : thank you sir.(smiling positively)

CP : (appreciating) : you are just 22 years old?

Me : (With a smile) no sir, I am just 21.

CP : that’s really great. (other members nodding positively)

CP : ok, aapne BA kiya hain, BA toh kafi risky hota hain, usually log engineering vagera karte hain. Accha
To ye bataiyye kyo join karna chahte ho civil services? Short me battaiyye, time cum hain.

Me : (smiling, thinking in mind : time cum hain?) ji sir. Mere life ke do incidences hain jinhone mujhe
Inspire kiya. 1) sir, humare society ke bahot sare evils hain jo maine apne ghar me hi dekhe thhe. Maine humare ghar me domestic violence dekha tha, child marriage dekha tha, dowry dekhi thi, Polygamy aur child labour bhi dekha tha. Toh bachpan sehi mujhe in cheezo ke prati ghrina aur frustration tha me inhe badalna chahta tha. 2) Fir jab me 10th standard me tha tab ek breakthrough aur raasta mila. Hum BPL family thi isliye govt ne hume ghar bananeke liye 30000 rs diye thhe. Lekin tahsil office ke officer ne mere pitaji se 3000 bribe liya. Aur mere pitajine bhi de diye. Maine socha jab muzhe 2 rupaye ka pen lena ho to dus bar sochana padta hain aur abbu ne use 3000 rs aise hi dediye. Tab realize hua ki corruption ke sabse bade shikar hum jaise garib sections ke log hote hain, then I decided ki agar is ko badlna hain to zaroori hain ki hum jaise section ke student iss system me aaye aur system aur society ko badle.

CP : very good. (other members nodded positively) ohh you listen to music. Which kind of music do u listen?

Me : sir, I like bollywood music, I listen song which are in tune of my mood.

CP : ok. Which are your favorite movies? Just tell me 2-3 names
Me : sir, swades is my fav movie.and…

CP : What ?

M3 :(lady member) sir he said swades, wo shahrukh khan waali.

CP : ohh, and?

ME : and.. Neerja, Aligarh etc.

CP : you also like travelling. Tell me where u travelled

Me : sir, in Maharashtra I have travelled to Ajanta, ellora caves, some hill stations like Matheran. Outside Maharashtra I hv travelled to puri, Odisha and now Delhi.

CP : kya dekha aapne Puri me?

Me : sir, maine Puri ka beach aur sun temple dekha.

CP : aap jab Poona se delhi aa rahe thhe to kya observe kiya aapne?

Me : sir, maine observe kiya ki poona se delhi ki or jaate wakt pollution kam hota gaya, badme UP cross karne ke baad badh gaya(poor answer), in train I observed lack of sanitation. I also met some interesting people from north east. (failed to talk about child labor at stations)

CP : ok. tell me the name of two NGOs from Pune and their role.

Me : sir, there is an NGO named Friends of Children. Wo Forbs marshall iss company ki orse garib baccho ko education aur stationary provide karte hain. And there is another NGO called Muslim Satyashodhak Mandal, with whom I work, it works on 3 fronts. One, muslim religious reforms, two solving women issues jaise easier talaq, polygamy aur uniform civil code laana. Third, to de-radicalize muslim youth and mainstreaming them.

CP : (passing to M1) (m1 was also good but he was expressionless, in d entire interview he didn’t smile. He asked me some factual and unexpected questions, this was the worst point of my interview)

M1 : ok ansar, tell me what is poverty? Who gives data on poverty? How is it calculated?

Me  : (in mind 3 questions wo bhi ek saath!!) sir, poverty is Lack opportunities like health, education, better standard of living. Sir, NSSO I.e gives data on it. It is calculated on the basis of different standards like consumption, health, education, house rent etc.(I was not confident while giving this answer, m1 was looking unhappy)

M1 : ok. What is current number of poors?

Me : (I hate data. My god, why this is happening) sirrr..a.a.a sir according to the kelkar commetee bharat me.. Lagbhag 29% poverty hain.(it was C rangarajan, and not kelkar. I knew it but I lost my confidence.)

M1 : ok ok.(he did not correct me, so sad.) tell me the changes made in LPG subsidy transfer recently.

Me : sir, govt decided to rationalize subsidies, govt initially launched a campaign GIVE IT UP which was voluntary, later they started PAHAL and recently govt ne 10 lakh se jyada income waale logo ki LPG subsidies samapt ki hain.

M1 : hmm. Recently there was a news related with repo, RBI etc. What was it?

Me : (ye hui na baat) sir, RBI ne kuch din pahle Repo rate 0.25%se kam kiya hain aur Reverse repo rate 6% tak badha diya hain.

M1 : why?

Me : sir, govt wanted to give boost to the economy, govt also adhered to fiscal deficit target, and there is…….(I wanted to say possibility of mansoon this year, but he interrupted me.)
M1 : how it will give boost to economy?

Me : sir, decreased repo rate means there will be cheaper loans available in market. It will result in high investment, production and employment generation, and the growth cycle will increase.

M1 : ok (I was unable to satisfy him. passing to M2, a lady member with a very positive look, she increased my confidence)

M2 : ansar, you talk about that NGO which works on women issues. What exactly they do?

Me : sirrr, ohhh I am so sorry. Madam…(it was an effect of those Economy questions.)

M2 : (with a very positive smile) no no fine. Its fine. Ho jaata hain. Please go ahead.

Me :(baapre bach gaye.) madam, hum basically mahilaon ka talaq hone se rokte hain, unke husbands ke saath negotiations karte hain. Aur polygamy aur easier talaq ko rokne ke liye workshops aur protests bhi karte hain.

M2 : ok, good. Are there any other women related issues on which you work?

Me : madam, humara toh primary aim jo maine pahle bataya wahi hain, aur jyada kuch nahi.

M2 : Ansar aap pahle SDM banoge fir DM (kaash aisa ho jaye). Toh kya priorities hogi aapki? Kya mission hoga? Tell me like 1,2,3..

Me : madam, maine 4 mission decide kiye hain. Ek, Rural development jisme especially development of rural infrastructure, better health care and education. Do, women empowerment. Teen, maintaining Hindu muslim religious harmony(she nodded positively here) and fourth, poor centric, responsive, transparent governance.

M2 : but aap ye sab kaise karoge? It’s a big job.

Me : madam main do fronts par karunga. Ek, in sabhi cheejo ke liye govt ne jo bhi laws, schemes aur policies layi hain unko efficiently implement karoonga, kyo ki bahot bar aisi schemes grassroot tak pahochati hi nahi. Second, main civil society, NGOs, social media, school children ke maddhyam se logo ka attitude change karne ka prayas karunga.

M2 : but maintaining religious between Hindus and Muslim is not that much easy. How will you handle if there is a tension between two communities?

Me : madam, first of all I will find out the cause of conflict, then I will find who is legally right, then I will request the leaders of both communities ki woh negotiation ke table par aaye aur issue solve kare. Aur unfortunately aisa nahi hua to mujhe force bhi use karna hoga. However, negotiations is the key.

M2 : you come from a very poor background, so aapko koi scholarship mila tha.

Me : madam, mujhe 7th tak scholarship mila, uske baad humne khud hi manage kiya.

M2 : kya aapne minority waali scholarship nahin li?

Me : ji nahi madam.

M2 : kyon?

Me : madam, har baar me form bharne me late ho jaata tha, aur
apply karne ka mann bhi nahin hota tha.
M2 : yes, aur uski amount bhi bahot kam hoti hain.

Me : ji mam

M2 : abhi uske liye kaise apply karte hain? Online?

M4 : yes yes it is available online.

Me : (nodded)

M2 : ok. (passing to M3, a Punjabi gentleman, he too was cordial but expressionless, he was looking like an ex-army man with big eyes and pagadi)

M3 : Ansar, there is one Gandhi and another Sarhadd(frontier) Gandhi. Who was Sarhadd Gandhi?

Me : sir, he was a freedom fighter. Jo partition ke khilaf thhe, aur yadi partition ho to unka region(forgot d name of region) bharat me rahe aisi unki icchha thi. Unhone apne Red Shirts team (team?) ke saath milkar angrejo ke khilaf peaceful struggle kiya. Aur unhe Bharat ratna bhi diya gaya hain.(when I said bharat ratna, CP smiled very positively.)

M3 : you talked about de-radicalization, tell me the causes and remedies of radicalization of muslim youth. Oh but before tell me one thing, your marks in 10th was ordinary (76%) but in 12th you jumped to 91% ! ye h kaise hua?

M2(lady member to M2) sir, kya gear change kiya hain aapne!

Me : sir actually 10th mein mere maths, science ye subjects thhe, jo mujhe bilkul pasand nahi thhe. Aur humare teacher bhi thik se padhate nahin thhe. Maths ke teacher to guide se maths explain karte thhe. Lekin 12th me mere scoring subjects thhe jaise Sanskrit jisme mujhe 100 out of 100 marks mile, aur vocal classical music jisme bhi accha score hua. Aur teachers bhi acche thhe.(here I forgot to tell about my restless hardwork hehehe)

M3 : accha to aapke scoring subjects thhe. Ab wo radicalization wala jawaab de do.

Me : ji sir. Actually sir radicalization ke bahot sare reasons hain. Jaise social media se hone wala prachar, 2 main religions ke fringe elements ki hate speeches, wahabist ideology ka hone wala vistar aur socio-economic development ka abhaav.

M3 : and what are the remedies?

Me : sir, inke jo causes hain unpe kaam karna zaroori hain. Jaise fringe elements ki hate speeches ko lagaam lagaana, muslim youth ki socio-economic development ke upar dhyan dena, aur social media par regulations lagaana aur counter-radicalization karna………(before I proceed further he interrupted me )

M3 : counter radicalization??

Me : I am sorry sir, I meant de-radicalization.

M3 : no, no. I think you have used the right term, we must do counter radicalization, you are right. Ok you talked about Wahabism? What is it?

Me : sir, ye ek sunni militant ideology hain, jo non-sunni logo ko convert ya khatam karne me vishwas rakhti hain, it is based on violence.(forgot Islamic state, Dar ul harv etc.)

M3 : kaha originate hui ye?

Me : sir ye ideology Saudi Arebia me originate hui.

M3 : and now they are suffering from it.

Me : yes sir.

M3 : there was a world sufi conference. What is the difference between Sufism and wahabism

Me : (yeh hui na baat) sir, wahabism is based on violence whereas Sufism is based on love and peace. Wahabism is intolerant towards non sunnis, whereas Sufism is accommodative. Wo koi dharam ya jaati nahi manta, wo sirf insaaniyat janta hain.

M3 : ok. Are you a sunni or shia?

Me : (very very instantly) I am a muslim sir, an Indian muslim, baaki mujhe nahi pataa.( Yeh answer game-changer hone waala hain for sure)
(everyone appreciated this answer, all of them smiled positively.lady member said something about me with a big laugh..)

M3 : ohh, good. Maine to aise hi poocha as you talked about wahabism, but good,very good. M3- passing to the M4
(M4 was probably the oldest member in d panel. I noticed him observing my body language in d entire interview, he was very cordial.)

M4 : Ansar you studied in a Zilha parishad school, then you went to Badrinarayan barwale college and later on you went to fergusson college. Tell me what did you experienced in these institutions?

Me : sir, humari school me toilet aur drinking water ki badi kami thi. Lecture bhi thik se nahin hote thhe. Kuch teachers toh books me dekh kar maths solve karte thhe. Lekin barwale college me lectures bhi thik se hote thhe, infrastructure bhi accha tha. Lekin jab me fergusson college me aaya to mujhe laga main phir se school me aa gaya hu. Waha ke toilets clean nahin thhe, drinking water ka shortage thha. Kuch prof. to books aur notes se padhke sika thhe. However, iss college ka history bahot accha hain, I Really like my college.

M4 : haan, shayad ab history par hi zinda hain wo. Tumhare fergusson college me bhi principal ko lekar koi issue hua tha, kya tha wo?

Me : sir, JNU incidence ke baat, ABVP ne fergusson college me JNU ABVP prez ka students ke saath ek interactive session plan kiya tha. Lekin unke paas college ki written permission nahin thi, iss wajah se Fergusson ke kuch Ambedkarite students ne protest kiya. Dono groups ke bich hooting hui. Kisine Bharat mata ki jai ke naare diye to kisine Jai bhim ke. Unfortunately humare principal ne pressure me aakar police ko letter likha ki humare campus me kuch logo ne Anti-national slogans diye hain aur aap unke khilaf action le. Police aai, tension create hua. (lady member : ohh) next day principal ne declared kiya ki wo letter ek typing mistake thhi. I mean it is ridiculous! (when I said ridiculous, everyone started laughing.)

M4 : and there was another incidence in FTII, what was the issue? Don’t you think ki yeh sab fruitless protests hain? Kuch hasil nahin hota inse.

Me : sir, hum ek democratic country hain, isliye har kisiko apni demands rakhne ka, protest karne ka adhikar hain. FTII ke students yeh chahte thhe ki FTII ka chairman jis vyakti ko chuna gaya tha usse jyada meritorious ho, aur jaisa NEWSPAPERS me aa raha tha ki ye saffronization ka prayas hain. Toh mujhe lagta hain ki govt ko iss bare me sochana chahiye. however main yeh bhi manta hu ki koi bhi protest peaceful hona chahiye, uski wajah se other students ko problem nahi honi chahiye, classes disrupt nahi honi chahiye kyon ki tax payers ka paisa iss par kharch hota hain.

M4 : aap koi sufi music sunna pasand karte hain?

Me : sir jyada nahin lekin kabhi kabhi atif aslam ki aur nusrat fateh ali khan ji ke sufi songs sunn leta hun. (lady member smiled positively on this answer.)

M4 : ok. (Passing again to CP)

CP : ansar aap delhi kab aaye?

Me : sir, 28 feb ko.

CP : oh, to itne din aap kaha rahen?

Me : sir, Mukherji nagar ke paas Zakat Foundation naam ki ek org hain jo poor, minority students ko accommodation provide karti hain, main wahin thha. (now the fun starts again)

CP : ok, I too studied Sanskrit. tell me how did you score 100 out of 100 in Sanskrit?

Me : sir, humare yaha culture hain ki accha score karo, scoring subjects padho, Ratta maro aur jeeto. Unfortunately maine bhi bahot ratta mara tha(I said this in such funny tone that every member started laughing.)

CP : kya baat hain, Bhai humne bhi Ratta hi mara thha hahaha (laughter everywhere, even I failed to control my laugh, I was supposed to smile in such interview, but kya Kare)

CP : so tell me do you remember anything from Sanskrit? Tell me the What is the word for “GO” in Sanskrit?

Me : sir, Gaccha?

CP : good, now tell me the Past, present and future tence of Gaccha.

Me : sirrr… I am sorry sir, I don’t remember. Lekin mujhe Gaccha se
ek word pata hain, Gacchami. Which means I go.
(CP and M4 talked something about Gachhami)… sir I also remember a shlok in Sanskrit, agar aapki permission ho to kahu?

CP : no. no…. ok ansar your interview is over, wish you all the best for your future.

Me : (instead of standing up, I was just looking happily towards CP)

M4 : now Gacchami Gacchami…(u may go) (this resulted into a big laughter,,hahahahah)

Me : thank you. Have nice day. (all were looking my way of going out.)

अधिक माहितीसाठी आमच्या संकेतस्थळाला रोज भेट द्या.


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